What makes a legitimate news source? One man’s informed opinion.

I was recently asked by someone whose opinion I value deeply, why I give credence to one news source and […]


I shouldn’t love this commercial…

But of course I do. Why “shouldn’t” I like it, you might ask. Because I should watch it and say […]


The Duel

There was a popping sound as his sword went through the front of my stomach. It happened before my blade […]


Rigged is the wrong word…

So I have been amused lately by talk of grand conspiracies that have “rigged” our election process. Note, this is […]


Trump: A Product of the Two-Party System

This joke of a creature has a shot at becoming president because we have all, for far too long, believed […]


Tumbler: Part 5

So now I’m sitting here sipping soup in the pilot’s chair. My actual job is pretty much done until we […]

one job 2

You Had One Job…

You are a busy person. You’ve got work. Maybe kids. Maybe kids who are in 15 different events that keep […]


Bullies Behind the Wheel

Bullying is a bit of a hot topic lately. Everyone has a theory on how to “fix” it. From federal, […]


“Bad” News

This is going to resemble a lecture. If you haveĀ a problem with that, close the window. It won’t cost you […]


Trump: The Best Argument for a Real Third Party?

So… that guy. He’s still polling strong. Still a real possibility that he gets the GOP nomination. I know, right? […]