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Tumbler: Part 5

So now I’m sitting here sipping soup in the pilot’s chair. My actual job is pretty much done until we […]

Tumbler: Part 4 (long one)

Just like home, the Tumbler has a freezer. It’s a lot cooler and colder than ones you’re used to though. Cooler, […]

Tumbler: Part 3

I think you get plenty of exercise every time you have to go outside, but nobody asked me when they […]

Tumbler: Part 2

How long has this run been? 3 weeks? Yeah, seems about right. Time slips on you when nothing at all […]

Tumbler: Part 1

You cannot travel faster than the speed of light. That’s why I’m riding a nuclear reactor across the solar system at what feels […]

I seem to be missing something…

I thought I had posted parts of my “Tumbler” story on here, but now I can’t seem to find them. […]