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Playing on Easy

So I got in this “discussion” the other day about the game Dragon Age: Origins on a board I frequent. […]

Lawful Good

I am incapable of breaking alignment. After finishing Dragon Age 1 & 2, I tried to go back into DA1 […]

Bucket List

This is a different idea for gamers. For us, a bucket list is a list of games we have to […]

PC finally fixed

Not sure if anyone was keeping track, but my PC has been out of commission for about a year now. […]

Another one of those days…

Know what I mean? Probably not. I have these days where I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something. […]

Still Dead

My PC is still dead. Getting a bit frustrated by not being able to play my games. Yes, I’m a […]


Working another morning show friday so I pulled an all nighter last night.  Why you ask?  That way I can […]