Archive : What Passes for Journalism These Days

What makes a legitimate news source? One man’s informed opinion.

I was recently asked by someone whose opinion I value deeply, why I give credence to one news source and […]

You Had One Job…

You are a busy person. You’ve got work. Maybe kids. Maybe kids who are in 15 different events that keep […]

“Bad” News

This is going to resemble a lecture. If you have a problem with that, close the window. It won’t cost you […]

Where the Heck is the Levant?

There is a terrorist organization out there right now that we’ve all heard of and the English translation of its […]

So-called Journalists

I’m probably the only one that notices these things, but the media goes through phases where they latch on to […]

5 Networks, One Huge Waste

I haven’t been shy about my love of the Olympics. But I’m having a hard time indulging because NBC Olympics […]

Not Hoth

OK, so everyone is freaking out about it being “so cold, bitterly cold, deadly cold” here in Iowa. It’s not […]

Holy crap!

Haven’t posted in FOREVER. What’s up with that. I’ll come up with something… Oh, here we go. Only in government […]

The Newtown Shooting is Your Fault

Yes, it is. Guns haven’t really changed in 30 years. Video games have been violent for at least 30 years. Movies […]

BMI is a dangerously inaccurate hoax

Hey “journalists”, please, for all our sakes, stop using BMI in your poorly researched stories. It is so freakishly inaccurate […]