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Multi-Talented, Singularly Able

I just keep learning new things. But nothing sticks. They’re all interesting in their own way, but not a one […]

Is it a basic freedom to punch stupid people?

Here in Iowa, the state supreme court threw out the law that marriage is only between a man and woman, […]


Not like a fever and cough.  No, sick of people. Sick of prima donnas with no talent.  Sick of managers […]


Working another morning show friday so I pulled an all nighter last night.  Why you ask?  That way I can […]

South where?

That is awesome. Why? Let me go into detail. (aka rant) The company that I work for (not the one in the […]

Anton Bairloch, Licensed Journalist

It could become a reality.  According to Fox News (not my usual source *shudder*) Michigan is considering a law that […]

In the works…

I’m currently working on two posts.  One about confidence and the other about experience or lack therof.  Not polished yet.  […]

Would you believe…

That today was so crappy that I don’t want to write about it?  That I was so disappointed by my […]

Can I call ’em?

I made mention yesterday of the media’s (I won’t use the term journalists) tendency to beat an idea into the […]