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On My Honor

When I was a kid (I’m pushing 40, so that’s a not insignificant time ago) my Dad could do business […]

To the Iowa Democratic Party: Do Better

Hello, As a civic-minded Iowan, I have contacted my representatives at the state and federal level on multiple occasions. Apparently, […]

What we have wrought.

Politicians have been fanning these flames for years and now they’ve gotten burned. Democrats vs. Republicans. “Conservatives” vs. “Liberals”. These […]

Financial Democracy: What No One Else is Saying

There is a lot of talk lately about how or why we got into our current political predicament. Many seem […]

Don’t Read the Comments

Don’t read the comments. You hear that a lot these days on social media, forums, probably Reddit (though I don’t […]

What makes a legitimate news source? One man’s informed opinion.

I was recently asked by someone whose opinion I value deeply, why I give credence to one news source and […]

I shouldn’t love this commercial…

But of course I do. Why “shouldn’t” I like it, you might ask. Because I should watch it and say […]

Rigged is the wrong word…

So I have been amused lately by talk of grand conspiracies that have “rigged” our election process. Note, this is […]

Trump: A Product of the Two-Party System

This joke of a creature has a shot at becoming president because we have all, for far too long, believed […]

You Had One Job…

You are a busy person. You’ve got work. Maybe kids. Maybe kids who are in 15 different events that keep […]