Windows Phone 8X by HTC Review

I don’t often review things on here, but well, I am.

I’ve had the Windows Phone 8X by HTC for a weekend now and I’d like to share my first impressions.
First thing when I picked it up I was impressed by the solid feel and the soft back and surprised at the size. I’d only seen it in pictures and I wasn’t expecting it to be as big as it is. That said, its very slim, and the curved back helps with the slim feel. Slides right into my front pocket, even with the case I got for it. Its big, but doesn’t feel big.
Two words describe the OS, clean and fast. WP8 is quick, quick, quick. It took me a bit at first to realize why, but I’ll explain.
One of the first things I did was try to get my primary email, which is yahoo, on the phone. I was looking for an official yahoo app like I had on android. It didn’t exist. That’s because its built into the system. All the big emails are. There’s inherent support for gmail, yahoo, outlook and hotmail (of course) and your usual pop and imap. It all looks and functions the same, because its built in. No apps to load and the same interface makes it clean and FAST.
I was about to download a Facebook app, when I realized I didn’t have to. I’d already integrated FB and twitter accounts to the phone, and when I went into my People tab (think contacts) and selected my girlfriend, I not only got her phone and email info, with a swipe to the left I got her FB and twitter feeds. Another swipe and I’ve got her photo albums. Right in the same OS. No apps to load. Fast, fast fast. I still haven’t found out why I would ever need to actually go to FB, though I can on IE if I wanted to. Even the FB news feed is right there with a swipe when you first come into the People tab. They talk about the marketplace not having the volume of apps that Android and Apple have, well here’s why. They aren’t necessary.
I was afraid all these live tiles would suck battery, and the big, bright screen, but the battery gets almost twice what my Samsung and HTC android phones got. Not kidding.
Oh, I hopped into the music tab, and was expecting no music but some samples. Since I’ve been a Zune user for years, all the music that I had purchased through the Zune service was there for stream or download from the cloud. Was not expecting that.
OneNote and Office built in. Again, no apps to load, same interface.
So far, the only apps I have downloaded are an ESPN one for scores, Endomondo for workouts (sad there’s no Runkeeper or Fitocracy, but oh well), Netflix, YouTube (no flash in mobile IE) and a book reader app.

Biggest annoyance so far? Many of the games that are free in the Google and Apple stores have to be purchased in the Windows Marketplace. Words With Friends? $2.99 Draw Something? $2.99 No, its not a lot of money, but its just a surprise and an annoyance.
On the whole, I’m very impressed and very happy. Questions?

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