The Newtown Shooting is Your Fault

Yes, it is. Guns haven’t really changed in 30 years. Video games have been violent for at least 30 years. Movies have been violent for at least 30 years. And yet FBI statistics show that the number of mass shootings has remained fairly stable over the last 30 years.

The things that have changed in mass shootings is who is targeted, and how much media attention it gets, and both are related. And both are your fault.

These shooters are determined to go out in a blaze of glory to get the attention and renown they think they deserve. They’ve seen all the ghouls watching first-hand, graphic accounts of mass shootings and think to themselves “If I do that, I’ll be famous just like those guys.” But they can’t just be a failure at it. They have to succeed and succeed big. So they pick a soft target where they won’t be opposed and will get labeled a monster.

Once they succeed, you ghouls watch TV all day, you’re glued to twitter and facebook for the latest (usually incorrect) updates. You don’t care about accuracy or intelligence, you just want more, more, more and the gorier the better. You attack people with the most tenuous connection to the killing. You talk about the killer. You compare him to past killers. You know all their names and their body counts. You rank them on the list of “best” killers.

You feed the next monster. You create him. Its your fault.

As for the image that started this post, I’m sad to hear that Mr. Freeman is denying saying this. His is a voice that people would actually listen to. I’ve said almost exactly what is said in that image several times on both this blog and in real life. No one listens to me because, in our flawed culture, you need to be somebody to be taken seriously. Even if the only reason you are somebody is because you are completely non-credible.

Mr. Freeman does not fall into the “non-credible” category. And so he could have done some real good. He would have been listened to by the mindless ghouls and the thinking minority. If Mr. Freeman didn’t say this, he should tell people. But then he should have made it clear that he agrees with every single word in that image. It had already gone viral. It was already out there in a position to get people talking and do some good. He should have owned it and used it for positive change. Instead he ran from it. My estimation of Mr. Freeman has suffered because of this.

My estimation of all of you couldn’t get any lower, so didn’t suffer from this latest atrocity.

And I’m not talking about the shooting.

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