Hate Speech

So a bunch of jackasses in Colorado don’t understand what our country is about.


Long story short, a student group is reciting the morning Pledge of Allegiance in different languages. Simple Spanish got people bitching, you can imagine what happened when they got to Arabic.

To be fair, there have been people in support of the student group, but they have been the minority of folks who feel the need to speak out.

Principal Tom Lopez is having a hard time dealing with it all. He told KSLA:

“I guess I’m getting worn down a little by how intense their sense of hate has been represented in some of the things they’ve written and said”

And that’s really what this whole thing is about. People are assholes. They hate what they don’t understand. Or what is different from them. Or just about anything they feel they can safely get away with. They want to be “better” than somebody, so they’ll use the stupidest, tiniest little difference to put themselves “above” another and then hate on them. Its petty, childish, moronic and just plain wrong.

Get over it, shut your damn mouths and open your ears. They are pledging allegiance to the United States, one nation, indivisible, with, and I quote, “liberty and justice for all”.

So fuck off, haters.

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