Not Hoth

OK, so everyone is freaking out about it being “so cold, bitterly cold, deadly cold” here in Iowa. It’s not even 20(F) below people. This is just winter, stop acting like idiots. Since I’m not a moron, this is how I spent my day.
First things first, busting through the concrete snow at the front of the store, took about 20 minutes to get it all cleared up.

jan2014 (2)

According to the “News” Media, I should have been frostbitten 5 times over.

Next, I had to tackle the loading dock.

 jan2014 (3)

This is more concrete snow on top of ice. A semi or two (it was two) spun their tires in here for about 20 minutes the other day glazing the snow into a nice thick layer of ice. Had to be chipped out by hand.
Now since I won’t tell my employees to do something like this because 1: I don’t want to get sued if they lose a toe to frostbite and 2: Well, I’m just that kind of guy. I won’t let them do anything I wouldn’t do first. And lots of things I would do, but still won’t let them. Long story short I spent an hour outside turning it into this.

jan2014 (5)

You can just trust me that it’s a major improvement. By the way, here’s a picture of me in Han Solo mode.

jan2014 (4)

I thought they smelled bad… on the outside!

The other dock I’m saving for tomorrow, and hoping its warm enough that salt can soften things up a bit. I’ve got 2 delivery trucks going out Wednesday and will need both docks simultaneously. I really don’t want to have to chip all that out. But, I will if I have to.

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  1. Mom

    That is a pretty darn smug Han Solo mode! You need a tree planter. WE have one that Joel Konze gave us and it works great on ice!


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