5 Networks, One Huge Waste

I haven’t been shy about my love of the Olympics. But I’m having a hard time indulging because NBC Olympics is doing such a bad job of broadcasting it.
Now I’m not talking about the painful human interest packages. Or the awkward interviews. I don’t think any other network has the ability to be any better in that respect. No, what I’m talking about is much more basic.
They aren’t showing any Olympics.
NBC Universal has 5 networks available to it. I’ve looked over the schedule… and the most they are ever using at one time is 3. And that’s happened once. The majority of the time it is one channel, and about 20% of the time, two. This is ridiculous.
They are also STILL focusing on figure skating despite the well-known and publicized drop in anyone giving a damn about figure skating. Let it go. There are so many exciting, energizing, dramatic, impressive, moving and enjoyable moments that we are missing because you are using one channel to show figure skating and nothing else.
This is unacceptable.
You want to make money on this, NBC? Try showing 5 different events on 5 different networks all day, every day during the brief, brief period we have to enjoy the Olympics. If you can’t sell ad time for that, you’re pathetic.
Oh? You don’t have enough talking heads to pitch to stories no one wants to see or give us useless “analysis” of what we can clearly see for ourselves? Great! Just put up the feed, with no vapid idiot telling us why the “twizzles” cost them the competition, and your ratings will likely go up!
What you are doing isn’t working. But keep plugging along. I’m sure that’s the answer.
Alternatively, stop sucking and we’ll come to watch in droves.

One thought on “5 Networks, One Huge Waste

  1. Momn

    I know that all of MN would have been watching our teams for the curling but that wasn’t on or if it was, it was at odd hours. Some of us have to work!


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