Camping Trip!

Just got back from 3 days of pack-in camping with my lovely wife and our stalwart pooch at Yellow River State Forest in NE Iowa. Lovely trip. So much hiking, some fishing, lots of fun. And now, pictures!


My 50lb pack and new hat, plus bonus Stanley. Carried that thing about 3 miles to the camp site. (The pack, not Stanley. He was awesome, more on him later.) The lovely wife’s pack was 40lbs, by the way.


The ford we had to cross wearing my 50lb pack. The water in the Little Paint Creek was so clear and cold. Beautiful.


Setting up camp.


Stanley was such a trooper on the hiking trails. I can’t do the math on how many more steps he took than me. I went 15 miles on Thursday alone. What that’s like for a stubby-legged Corgi, I can’t imagine. But not one whine from that pup. Also, beautiful view from the overlook. You can barely see the Big Paint Campground in the middle of the picture.


And here are various shots of the fish we found in the Little Paint Creek and me vainly attempting to hook them. Still had fun.

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