Hello Mike Rowe,
I’m trying to figure out how I can support you in what you do. I’ve already bought the poster and have it hanging in my office. I tell everyone who will listen about mikeroweWorks, but I would like to do more.
I’m a college educated guy working in a less-than-collegial field. I run a warehouse and service department for a mid-sized, family, furniture store. I like my job. A lot. I like it a lot more than the 8 years I spent using my degree doing TV news in various small towns about the US.
But I discovered that my job wasn’t fulfilling. I was lying for a living, being told to force feed BS to people that really needed some good information. That’s not what I signed on for.
Now I do real work, get sweaty, but also use my brain. I feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day and, the best part, I make more than I ever did in TV.
Yep, getting sweaty and dirty, racking my brain, and making more than I did in a suit and tie and air-conditioning. Oh, and happier to boot.
So whatever I can do to help you out, I’ll do it. Like posting some long post on facebook, my blog and anywhere else I can

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