Minor Migration: Ignoring the Important Part

Why is everyone ignoring the most important part of this minor migration “crisis”? Some idiots want increased border security. Other idiots want to house these kids indefinitely. But no one is talking about an actual solution. They’re ignoring the real problem.

These children are running from countries in chaos. No real government. No real law enforcement. No safety. No security. No life. Until this is fixed, all your silly stopgap measure are just comical.

We have failed states forcing their families to send their children on death marches hoping, hoping to make it to a mythical land of milk and honey. The US isn’t what you think it is people. Sure, it’s better than your dung heap of a “country”, but its resources are not infinite and its people aren’t all rich and happy.

Or even friendly. I don’t want your children here sucking the teat.

Instead of spending money on ridiculous quick-fixes, our government should be taking part in a regional coalition to clean up these festering sores on our hemisphere. Until they have a home that they want to live in, they will continue to run.

This is not the US’ problem. This is a regional problem. This is something all able nations in the region need to be pitching in to help with. We can’t do it alone. We are not what you think we are. We have our own problems and they are MASSIVE. We’re about two big mistakes from being in the same situation you are.

So, Washington, quit arguing over straw men and do something worthwhile. Oh, wait, you have a scheduled recess, or should I say money-grubbing session. Can’t possibly cut that because you have work to do. No! That would be ridiculous…

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