In recent days I have seen men and women get treated as if they were lower than animals simply because they work in manual labor. I want to make something very clear.

Just because they are making your sandwich, delivering your purchases or working on your car… just because you paid for these services… you did not pay for them. You do not own them. They are not your property. You can not treat them as if you own them.

Treat them as if they are equal to you, because they are. Just because you have the money to buy a burger, drive a fancy car or have things you purchased delivered to your door does not make you better than them. Just because you may have a degree and they may not does not make you better than them.

In my experience, the richer you are, the more education you have, the whiter your collar, the lower you stand on the humanity scale. There’s something that happens in the brain when people get higher on the social ladder. Maybe the air is thin up there. But they start devolving into greedy, grasping, unfeeling, uncharitable assholes.

You may be a have. They may be a have not. But they have one thing you don’t have.


4 thoughts on “Sub-human

  1. Mom

    Although I have seen, in my line of work, some people that do manual labor behave with all the dignity and grace that you could ask for and then there are the others. I don’t know if you can lump all manual workers into the “having Humanity” category as some are just plain not there. I do believe we could make a better world if we treated EVERYONE as we would like to be treated. Ah, yes, that old saw, The Golden Rule.

    1. Kristian Post author

      I honestly don’t believe in “treat everyone as we would like to be treated” because if I treated everyone else the way I want to be treated I’d likely be locked up. Not everyone wants to be treated the same way. I also don’t believe in “treat everyone as they would like to be treated” because we’ve got a lot of pricks out there who want to be treated like they’re gods, and that ain’t happenin’. I treat everyone the same, with a basic level of human decency, until they prove to deserve more or less.

  2. Chris P.

    Wow, you are extremely weird. “If I treated people how I want to be treated Id likely be locked up.” What are you talking about? You want people to beat you with baseball bats? Absolute nut job! “Angry voice of sanity” is as far off. More like “angry voice of idiocy and pure derangement in a world of people who I hate and want I beat with a baseball bat.” Creep.


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