No Gov. Moustache (Branstad), we can’t wait.

So, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is being accused of some pretty serious stuff. And yet, he thinks that should wait until after the election because he has a busy schedule.

OK, show of hands who thinks the outcome of this trial may have just a tiny effect on the election that is making Gov. Moustache so busy? Exactly. Branstad is using our tax dollars to defend himself against this accusation, which I still don’t understand. If he gets re-elected and then right afterward admits to doing what he is accused of, or gets convicted of it anyway, and we have to go through a recall election, that will be on our dime as well.

So why, exactly, should his “active schedule” cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars more? This makes absolutely no sense and I’m sick of it. This case has a very real bearing on the upcoming election. It will never be completed in time, but he should at least be made to testify, under oath, before we go to the polls. This is our right, as voters. You, Moustache, are not more important than that.

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