Looking Back at the 2014 Elections

OK folks, its been a week. I think I can marshal my thoughts now to explain why last Tuesday was so… pathetic.

You don’t like the President. I get that. I don’t like him either. You didn’t vote for him. Neither did I. Great. Wonderful. Do we have that established now? Excellent. Moving on.

Here’s the point we disagree on. Making poor choices now will not “fix” the last six years. Voting for people because their best qualification is “dislikes Obama” is a recipe for failure. Your decision was to elect a stunning crop of empty phrases and impossible promises. The ironic thing is, that’s exactly what you complain about when it comes to the President.

“I’ll repeal Obamacare!” No you won’t. You won’t do a damn thing. You’ll make some angry twitter posts, wave a bible around and spout some flawed economic theory. But you won’t repeal anything. Odds are, you won’t even write any legislation on the subject. You won’t even try. Because that’s not the job your corporate backers have hired you to do. I’m sure they’ve assigned that task to someone else.

“We’re gonna make ’em squeal!” First, who, exactly? Second, no, you won’t. You won’t even try. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the American people. You may make them squeal. Since your plan to fix everything is to cut taxes for the rich and big corporations AND services for small business, families and the poor, there could be quite a bit of squealing from those unimportant masses that didn’t fund your campaign. So, yeah, maybe you will make some people squeal, but not the one’s the people who voted for you thought you were talking about. Fool me once…

Long story short, the voters screwed up. They voted with their balls, not their brains. They voted angry, not intelligently. And, you know what, that’s exactly what they wanted you to do. Who are “they”? You know them. The Koch Brothers. Karl Rove. The people who spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure you voted the way they wanted you to.

I take that back, you didn’t vote. You just did what you were told. You followed orders. Congratulations.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back at the 2014 Elections

  1. Kristian Post author

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Would you care to elaborate? I’m not sure which point in particular, or could it be all of them, you take offense at. Do you have any specific arguments you’d like to bring up? I’d like to hear them as I’m always looking to learn.


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