Tumbler: Part 2

How long has this run been? 3 weeks? Yeah, seems about right. Time slips on you when nothing at all is happening. Better boring than busy though. Busy means something is wrong. Boring is safe. Boring keeps you alive.

Exercise time. I can feel myself sinking into the chair. Guess I should get up.

I should explain. For a couple of hours every “day” the can spins a bit faster. Takes us up to about a G and a half, I think. Means you’re working out just doing stuff. Makes you sweat like a pig and I don’t think it’s ever made me any stronger, but I guess it’s keeping me healthy. I ain’t sick.

You can work out any time you want. Just head to the “track”. It’s just an open space kinda in the middle of the can with no inner walls. You can run and try to keep up with the spin. Gives you a chance to stretch the muscles a bit, but makes you feel like a hamster in a wheel. Don’t recommend it during exercise time though. Tried it once. Just about killed myself trying to run a half-mile at 1.5 Gs. Stupid.

You can lift weights and stuff during exercise time, that’s sensible, just not too much. And watch the clock. If you’re heaving something when the spin slows down — Tumbler ain’t big so the can will slow in a hurry — you can throw things pretty hard if you’re not ready for it. Did that once too. Stupid.

You do a lot of stupid things when you first start flying. Most of them you survive.

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