On the sudden popularity of Emoji

Ok, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen these little smiley faces and such for… oh about a decade now. They’ve always been called smileys, emotes or emoticons, or whatever, and now they’re being called emojis. Fine. But why are they suddenly so popular? What changed? What suddenly brought them to the forefront? Nothing I can tell. They’re still the same little smileys. So why is the media and, apparently, the rest of you, suddenly so obsessed with them? Apps created to carry on conversation completely by emote? An honest debate over whether the gun emote should be removed?

Why is this a thing?

3 thoughts on “On the sudden popularity of Emoji

  1. Ben

    I think they’ve been ‘popular’ for a long time… I started using e-communications in the early 1990s and there were ascii animations and pictures that abounded back then… does anyone else remember the exploding cow e-mails??? I remember e-mails in the late 90s that listed all of the ascii emojis (not called emojis then) and their meaning… what exactly does a semicolon followed by a lower-case ‘p’ mean, you know? Texting programs of the past five years have taken those well-known emotes and converted them to cute animations… and have now made it even easier by just giving many, many menus of custom and standard emojis, static and animated, that you can just choose from without having to know what keys to hit for the ‘code’. I think that’s the big thing… it’s easier to select and send a smiley emoji than it is to text ‘I sure am happy today’ or ‘Nice day!’ or ‘Thanks!’ or even ‘thx’. It’s laziness and shiny objects… the keys to the embrace of the masses.

    1. Kristian Post author

      So is it just that the traditionally slow-on-the-uptake media has finally heard of them? Is that why the explosion of coverage of something so non-interesting?

  2. Chris P.

    Do you know anything about texting, emailing, blogging, etc.? All of your posts are so stupid. You say emojis are you stupid but you’re writing a hate-filled post about something you don’t even know about. You’re just such a negative person you bitch about everything.

    Emojis are used to show emotion over a medium in which no emotion can regularly be shown. However by simply adding a smiley face, sarcastic face, sad face, etc. you can now send the message in your intended voice.

    I didn’t think it was possible but YOU are worse then the media. You call yourself the “anti-media” but you don’t have a brain to use. Sorry for the rant! I am just dumbfounded by the absolute worthlessness of your opinions.


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