You Had One Job…

You are a busy person. You’ve got work. Maybe kids. Maybe kids who are in 15 different events that keep you running from before sunup to after sundown. And your own interests. Maybe you even find time to mow the lawn.

Why am I stating such obvious things? Because you don’t have time to do other people’s job. There are two specific jobs I’m talking about. I’ll explain.

Our country requires an educated and informed citizenry. That is your job. You need to stay informed. You need to stay on top of what is happening in your country. That is imperative to democracy.


You can’t spend your entire day staying up on every trend and topic in American politics, government and foreign policy. That’s why we have Representatives. Yes, a Representative Democracy. Where it’s someone’s job to keep up on all that and then “represent” you and I in the governing of our country. We need to stay educated and informed so we can select the right representatives. After that, they have their job to do while you do yours.

Unfortunately, they are failing. Horribly.

First, they aren’t staying up to date on all the trends and topics of American politics, government, foreign policy, etc… Why not? you might ask. Why don’t they have to time to read the entire bill when it lands on their desk? Why don’t they have time to make sure it actually benefits the people that they represent? Why don’t they do their one job, that is, representing their constituents?

That’s easy… Money.

Our Representatives are too busy courting donors and lobbyists to keep their own re-election chances high. Who has time to do your actual job when you’re wining and dining billionaires and kowtowing to corporations? It’s way more important that your campaign is well-funded than you do your actual job. To say anything else is to get answers like “You don’t understand how modern politics works.” and “That’s just the way it is.”

So, why is it “the way it is”? Because another line of work is failing.

Again, you don’t have time to stay on top of these failures. You have a job, family, etc. of your own. So who is supposed to be watching and taking notes and informing you of this massive failure of governance? Why, the Media of course!

Unfortunately, they are failing. Horribly.

Why aren’t they holding elected officials accountable? Why aren’t they telling us about stories that actually matter instead of what’s trending on Twitter? Why don’t they go after the corporations, billionaires and elected officials that have perverted our democracy?

That’s easy… Money.

The news outlets, like our representatives, have abandoned their actual jobs for the profession of making money. Why don’t we run that story about… blah blah blah I’m already bored! I need sex, violence, scandal! That’s what brings in the ratings! That’s what sells advertising!!

But what about the people who need that information to live healthy, happy, safe lives?

Are they buying advertising time? No? Then fuck ’em.


You’ve heard this from me before. You’re sick of it. Well, if you want it to change, you are the only one with the power. Demand better. That’s it. That’s the whole secret. Every day, in every way, demand better. Of your elected officials. Of your media. Of your country.

Demand better.

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