Trump: A Product of the Two-Party System

This joke of a creature has a shot at becoming president because we have all, for far too long, believed the lie that is the Two Party System. We’ve allowed bought-and-paid-for politicians to convince us that there is no other option than to vote for one of these corrupt “Major Parties”. We celebrate when a woman becomes the presidential nominee of a “Major Party” and ignore the fact that a woman was already named the presidential nominee of a nationwide, universally known political party 4 years ago.

Why do we allow this to continue? Because we want to belong. We want to feel special. And being able to hate the “other guy” makes us feel good, and belong-y.

Get over yourself.

Get over yourself.

It is this mistaken belief that gives Trump a realistic shot at the Presidency of these United States. If we didn’t believe in it, his flailing party would be shunted aside to make room for an ascending party. Like what happens in most modern nations. But, no, we cling to the fallacy.

The only reason Trump has a shot is because we believe in the false binary. Get over it. Move on. Start thinking for yourself.

There are better options.

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