Rigged is the wrong word…

So I have been amused lately by talk of grand conspiracies that have “rigged” our election process. Note, this is amused in a dark humor way and not in a genuinely mirthful one. I’m not a monster.

You see, there doesn’t need to be complicated conspiracies or shadow governments to invalidate our election process. Heck no! The folks that control our elections do it regularly, legally and right out in the open. You see it every day. Haven’t you noticed?

We only have two political parties that matter in the country right now. That’s unfortunate, yes, but it’s reality. A small group of people… I won’t say control… guide? Sure. A small group of people “guide” the leadership of those parties through donations. That leadership, with help from the donors, pick a stable of candidates that meet donor and leadership approval. Those candidates then go before a slightly larger group of people (the registered voters of that party) who are then allowed to select from this carefully screened group. Before selecting they are, of course, bombarded with paid-for advertising and media, once again provided by the original small group, our donors. The slightly larger group then makes it’s limited and influenced selection from the handful of  allowed candidates.

Those two are then set before the general voting public. That group is then inundated by even more advertising and media (still provided by the donors) before selecting from their only two possible options.

At no point should this process be considered democratic, but it also isn’t illegal. It is entirely above-board and, in fact, encouraged by our government (the same government elected with the support of the donors).

So you don’t need a conspiracy to guide an election, you just need money!

Why all this talk of “rigged” elections, when they’re already controlled so tightly? I certainly don’t know. Probably a distraction from what’s actually happening. That’s how politics works, after all.

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