What we have wrought.

Politicians have been fanning these flames for years and now they’ve gotten burned. Democrats vs. Republicans. “Conservatives” vs. “Liberals”. These artificial divisions have been used to manipulate us, make us hate each other, to make us easier to control.

Is it any surprise that yet another person has succumbed to this toxic mentality and taken violent action? Of course not. It is inevitable. This is what we have created. This is our “reward” for our previous actions.

Why do we keep pushing this cockamamie “us vs. them” rhetoric? Because it’s easy. It’s easy to hate. Easy to see the “other” as the “enemy”. And because once we buy into that way of thinking we are easy to control.

So, it’s up to you. Keep accepting the lie that there are “sides”, or wake up. Grow up. Mature into a rational, thinking individual and start acting as if everyone is on the same side.

Unless, of course, you like where we’re going. Then, by all means, keep it up. You’ll get your reward soon enough.

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