Working another morning show friday so I pulled an all nighter last night.  Why you ask?  That way I can fall asleep at about 2 this afternoon and wake up at 9 or so tonight to be to work by 11 pm.  Fun.  Then I’ll work an evening shift Saturday, and another morning Sunday night/Monday morning.  Oh yeah, my body is going to be very angry at me.

But Bair, what does an all-nighter have to do with that liquid cooling pump picture?  Glad you asked!  Just as I was settling in to do some serious gaming for my all-nighter, it overheats and turns off.  Apparently I hade a bubble hit the pump and stop the system dead.  So I had to purge and fill and fiddle for several hours.  Kept me awake just fine, but I didn’t get to do as much gaming as I’d have liked.

Speaking of gaming, anybody know a modern game where you sail a tall ship from the deck?  I own games like Pirates of the Burning Seas and East India Compay.  Both decent games, but not at all what I’m looking for.  I”m hoping for a game that includes the strategy/managerial type thing, but the gameplay is on deck.  I want to sail my ship, not point it.  Or assign a destination.  And I want the powder smoke swirling around me as my men fire off the great guns.  That’s a sailing/pirate/etc. game.  I haven’t found one, have you?

Oh, and I finally got a new stereo in the truck.  Was crazy cheap because it doesn’t have a cd player.  Aux in for the MP3 player, but no CD.  Works for me.

One thought on “All-Nighter

  1. uileat

    There was a really neat game back in 2000/’01 called Sea Dogs. There weren’t any crew members because of the technology back then, but you did sail and fight from the deck of your ship. Really good game. I might have to dig it back out myself.

    They were working on Sea Dogs 2 for years but the game was eventually released with a crap movie license and released as Pirates of the Caribbean. They took the game and added a randomly appearing Black Pearl to it 😛 I’ve never played it, but I’ve heard there’s a mod community based on the game that is still active. Worth a look.


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