Is it a basic freedom to punch stupid people?

Here in Iowa, the state supreme court threw out the law that marriage is only between a man and woman, based on the concept that it takes away a basic freedom (happiness, etc.) of a certain part of the population.
In Iowa, judges are appointed, but every few years they go up for “retention elections”.
Now, there’s a bunch of bigots out there trying to get people to vote these judges out (the three of them up for retention this cycle). They say its to stop judges from “legislating from the bench”, though we all know their real reasons. But unfortunately their fake reason is bullshit too.
They claim the judges have to follow “the will of the people”. Are they really that stupid? Do they really think that’s a judges job? I’m not sure. Some of them, maybe. The rest are just using that as a crappy cover for their real, bigoted reasons.
I’m just so fucking sick of these bigots trying to use all this bullshit to cover their real agenda. And having to give them airtime is even worse. Its like giving them credence. I hate it. I want to beat the shit out of these people.

Now, for my friends here that don’t believe in gay marriage, I’m fine with that. You are allowed to believe what you believe. Just be honest about it. Don’t ruin another person’s life, like these judges, just to get what you want. They followed the rules, did their jobs, they should not be punished for it.

5 thoughts on “Is it a basic freedom to punch stupid people?

  1. U know who

    I just think that it should have been put to a vote of the people and not ruled on by three liberal judges. I am tired of judges legislating from the bench. I do think that judged should be held accountable and this particular law should have been brought to a vote first.

    1. bairloch

      Judges aren’t legislating from the bench. It is their job to decide if a law is against the constitution. That’s what they do. If you leave it up to the will of the people, we’d still have slavery, women and people of color wouldn’t be able to vote. The “people” can be bigoted assholes, so you need disinterested judges to decide right from wrong. And that’s exactly what they did.

  2. bairloch

    Sorry buddy, that’s just not true. They have a right to happiness. Just like everyone else. If that means with someone of the same sex, then that’s up to them. We do not have the right to take that away. Its called the constitution. I’m serious, this is exactly like women’s rights or jim crow laws. I know not everyone likes it, but that doesn’t change the fact that we don’t have the right to say how someone else will live their life. We simply don’t. You don’t. I don’t. The mob sure as hell doesn’t. Right, left, its all bullshit. It just comes down to rights. And we don’t have the right. The judges did what was morally right, even if they think what they are allowing is morally wrong, its morally right to let them do it. There is no way to argue against that. Its a simple question of rights. If you deny those rights, whose rights are taken away next? Do you decide? Do I? No. Dammit no. Something can be wrong but people still have the right to do it. Its not infringing on anyone else’s rights, so they have the right. Its unarguable.

    1. U know who

      I just plain disagree with you on this one. Where we work we have producers that push agendas just like those judges pushed their agenda. Why else is it such a big deal for Supreme Court Justices. They always base it on politics first and then on their qualifications. You know that we have people that push their agendas all day long where we work. That is also very wrong. I will just agree to disagree with you on this one.


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