I’ll add the other two “ho”s when I’m actually done with my Xmas prep.

Think I have the Xmas shopping done.  Still need to assemble a few things and haven’t even started wrapping.  Wish I could leave wrapping off.  Blech.

On the way home I had to try three different routes to make it.  Well, I only tried 2.  I knew the one wasn’t going to happen so I didn’t even bother.  I live on top of a hill.  You can come up the hill three ways.  The steep way.  The way that is steep but only in stages (steep, flat, steep, flat) and the way that’s not so steep but its mostly a back street.

I ignored the steep way.  It rained this morning, then turned to ice.  I’m not an idiot.  I tried the stair-stepped way.  Would have made it if the Buick in front of me had realized he needed a running start and going slow up the hill was not a good idea.  Instead I had to stop behind him, started sliding backwards.  Managed to stop before I hit the guy behind me.  But that moron wouldn’t back up and let me down the hill.  So I had to back up into incoming traffic, spin around (and I do mean spin), go back down the hill and up the other side at a run.  The light turned red but I didn’t bother to stop.  Would have been more dangerous.  Instead I turned right and came around to try the 3rd way.  Its back streets, hadn’t been touched by road crews, and it was icy, but I took it slow and steady and managed to make it up and home.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I heard an idiot in a minivan burning tires trying to get up the slope of the lot.  He made it, eventually, and I guess I should thank him for the warning, but I didn’t really need it.  I was lucky to find a spot near the top of the hill before it gets real steep.  Hopefully that means I can make it to work tomorrow.

I was trying to pick up a piece to make an Xmas gift and head over to the in-laws to use some tools.  But I figured once I got in, leaving would be a bad idea.  We’ll do that some night this week when its not so icy.

So, long story short, ice on the roads.  Its shitty, but if you’re not an idiot, you can get where you’re going.  And just because you’re doing fine, the other people out there might not be.  Pay attention and help where you can.

Don’t be an idiot.

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