Where the Heck is the Levant?

There is a terrorist organization out there right now that we’ve all heard of and the English translation of its […]

On the sudden popularity of Emoji

Ok, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen these little smiley faces and such for… oh about a decade now. They’ve […]

Ernst’s Nostalgia Trip Shows us Why She was the Wrong Choice

In giving the GOP response to the State of the Union, freshman Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst gave a small speech […]


“Hello?” “John, is that you?” “Yeah, Ted, it’s two in the morning. Are you still at work?” “Yeah… yeah, I’m […]


As we knelt over the latest body, I caught a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. […]

Night and Day Chapter 3

The creature set a murderous pace. The Halfling was not prepared for this. He had been conserving his strength, resting […]

Night and Day Chapter 2

Our story begins with one of those inquisitive Halflings trying to make a name for himself in the parched lands […]

Night and Day

Chapter 1 There is no God; there are only the Dragons. The Dragons of Flame that rule over Lightside, and […]

More lost stories…

Night and Day, Gunslinger and Results coming up rapid fire. Sorry for the spam.

The Plow Man Cometh

Local paper published this one too. http://thegazette.com/subject/opinion/guest-columnists/the-plow-man-cometh-20150111 To any snow plow drivers that read this, please understand that it is […]