Ernst’s Nostalgia Trip Shows us Why She was the Wrong Choice

In giving the GOP response to the State of the Union, freshman Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst gave a small speech […]


“Hello?” “John, is that you?” “Yeah, Ted, it’s two in the morning. Are you still at work?” “Yeah… yeah, I’m […]


As we knelt over the latest body, I caught a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. […]

Night and Day Chapter 3

The creature set a murderous pace. The Halfling was not prepared for this. He had been conserving his strength, resting […]

Night and Day Chapter 2

Our story begins with one of those inquisitive Halflings trying to make a name for himself in the parched lands […]

Night and Day

Chapter 1 There is no God; there are only the Dragons. The Dragons of Flame that rule over Lightside, and […]

More lost stories…

Night and Day, Gunslinger and Results coming up rapid fire. Sorry for the spam.

The Plow Man Cometh

Local paper published this one too. To any snow plow drivers that read this, please understand that it is […]

So-called Journalists

I’m probably the only one that notices these things, but the media goes through phases where they latch on to […]

Tumbler: Part 4 (long one)

Just like home, the Tumbler has a freezer. It’s a lot cooler and colder than ones you’re used to though. Cooler, […]