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So-called Journalists

I’m probably the only one that notices these things, but the media goes through phases where they latch on to […]

Looking Back at the 2014 Elections

OK folks, its been a week. I think I can marshal my thoughts now to explain why last Tuesday was […]

We need to start demanding better.

I go to work everyday. I listen to the news on the radio. I get angry. Don’t you? Why not? […]

5 Networks, One Huge Waste

I haven’t been shy about my love of the Olympics. But I’m having a hard time indulging because NBC Olympics […]

Holy crap!

Haven’t posted in FOREVER. What’s up with that. I’ll come up with something… Oh, here we go. Only in government […]

Playing on Easy

So I got in this “discussion” the other day about the game Dragon Age: Origins on a board I frequent. […]


The walls are getting thicker. I was down among them. Awash in a sea of humanity. But apart. Like an […]

That’s me

Have you ever found yourself in the furniture store, or Pier 1 or whatever, and you spot that accessory that […]

Lawful Good

I am incapable of breaking alignment. After finishing Dragon Age 1 & 2, I tried to go back into DA1 […]

I almost didn’t post this…

because of the inevitable worried calls from family. Please rest assured that I’m fine. This helps. Its better than not […]