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“Ah, but you see, Mr. Bairloch, I am not a fool.” “But that’s where we differ, because I am!” “What […]


The walls are getting thicker. I was down among them. Awash in a sea of humanity. But apart. Like an […]

That’s me

Have you ever found yourself in the furniture store, or Pier 1 or whatever, and you spot that accessory that […]

An amazing day

So, today is my day off. It also happens to be the warmest March 15th on record here locally (or […]

I almost didn’t post this…

because of the inevitable worried calls from family. Please rest assured that I’m fine. This helps. Its better than not […]

I never knew…

Never knew I could be so happy and so sad at the same time. Got some great news today, but […]


I can’t throw them away. So I’m left trying to find a place to hide all the remnants of a […]

Spring Yearning

I found myself looking out the window this morning and thinking of spring. It wasn’t just your usual “I’m sick […]

Another one of those days…

Know what I mean? Probably not. I have these days where I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something. […]

Not in the mood

Not done, certainly not stopped, just not in the mood.  Job search is still going, still slow.  At this point […]