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MMOs and why they suck. Part 1 Too Easy

For those that don’t know, MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. For the most part, it refers to a video […]

I almost didn’t post this…

because of the inevitable worried calls from family. Please rest assured that I’m fine. This helps. Its better than not […]


I can’t throw them away. So I’m left trying to find a place to hide all the remnants of a […]

Advertising Fail

Ok, I don’t work in advertising, but I think I get the basic concept.  You make a commercial that makes […]

Wir haben kein Internet.

No idea if that’s even remotely accurate in German.  Just being silly. Still no internet at home, posting this from […]

Return of the Rant

Also known as… It had to happen sometime, or It was inevitible.  So here goes. Well I’m at my new […]


I firmly believe that never, in the history of books, has a book flap illustrator ever even so much as […]

I bring death and destruction to water pumps.

Seriously, what the hell?  Two water pumps in one week?  Is that even possible?  Its not like a clutch or […]

Today sucked.

There is no question about it, today was my worst day in a long time. First words out of my […]